Peals of laughter

USPS in the Onion story

Who says the Postal Service doesn’t have a sense of humor?

The satirical newspaper The Onion poked fun at USPS this week, publishing a story that claimed the Postal Service has introduced a line of stamps honoring people who “still use” the mail.

Among the honorees, according to The Onion: an Oregon woman who mails a birthday card to her nephew each year and a New York schoolteacher who has her students send letters to their state senator each fall.

The Postal Service poked back on Twitter, sending The Onion a mock stamp image that showed — what else? — onions. “Stay tuned for the 2015 program,” USPS wrote. “You may make the cut, too!”

“We can laugh with the best of them,” Public Relations Sr. Manager Toni DeLancey told the Federal Times.