‘Your Postal Podcast’

Helen Simmons, left, presents letters for military recruits to Colorado Springs, CO, Retail Associate Agnes Martin.

The latest edition of “Your Postal Podcast” looks at how USPS keeps businesses and customers connected through technology.

“We’re one of the most advanced technology companies around,” Sales VP Cliff Rucker tells the podcast.

The Postal Service’s affordable shipping options are ideally suited for businesses that ship lightweight electronics to consumers, Rucker says. USPS also helps businesses incorporate augmented reality into their direct mailpieces.

“Mail’s now interactive,” says Acting Sales Operations and Planning Manager Michele Thompson. “It touches consumers in many more ways than it has in the past.”

The podcast also profiles Write2Them, a Colorado-based organization that helps people turn emails and texts into letters for loved ones in military training.

“There’s nothing better than mail call when your name is called,” says Helen Simmons, Write2Them’s founder. “Our goal is that every recruit’s name is called at mail call.”

The podcast is available at YourPostalPodcast.com, along with transcripts, photos and more.