Tools of the trade

Capital District Field Sales Representative Sherri Hines

Capital District Field Sales Representative Sherri Hines knows an opportunity when she sees one.

When a business that sells refurbished tools and accessories opened in her area, Hines placed a cold call and told the owner about USPS shipping options and prices.

After hearing the owner’s frustration about shipping with the Postal Service’s competitors, Hines asked for a second meeting to further discuss his mailing and shipping requirements.

She explained how he’d save money on most shipments and get free tracking and free Priority Mail supplies. She also explained how Every Door Direct Mail could boost business at his retail store.

The owner agreed and is now using USPS for all of his company’s mailing needs.

The sale will result in more than $233,000 domestic and international revenue for the Postal Service.

“It’s wonderful to see how simple ideas become a profitable business opportunity,” said Hines. “This sale is a great fit for the company and USPS.”