First women

Mary Katherine Goddard became the first woman Postmaster in 1775.

March is Women’s History Month, a time to recognize the contributions of women to the nation’s progress.

Women have been shaping postal history since 1775, when Mary Katherine Goddard was appointed as the first woman postmaster in Baltimore.

Goddard served under Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin. Not only was she in charge of a large Post Office, she also was an accomplished printer and publisher.

As manager of the Maryland Journal newspaper, Goddard published the first copy of the Declaration of Independence with all signatories listed in 1777.

Eventually, Goddard was forced to give up her role as Postmaster, but she remained an important figure in Baltimore as proprietor of a bookstore.

Other women who’ve made postal history include Jackie Strange, who became the first woman to serve as Deputy Postmaster General in 1987, and Megan Brennan, the first woman to serve as PMG.