Better value

North Illinois Field Sales Representative Cliff Peterson

During the past 15 years, a Gurnee, IL, firm has grown from a home-based business to a major company with a warehouse and distribution centers. It provides shipping supplies to businesses that sell products online.

North Illinois Field Sales Representative Cliff Peterson recently met with the company’s executives, who said they were concerned about the new dimensional (DIM) weight pricing offered by their longtime shipper.

Under the new pricing, the company would be charged by a package’s actual weight or its DIM weight — the amount of space it takes up — whichever is greater. Shipping rates for the company’s packages — including light-weight packages — would significantly increase.

Peterson provided the company with several cost-effective shipping options, including Priority Mail. The company’s executives were persuaded and decided to ship $275,000 in business to USPS.

“The company continues to be a valued customer. It’s always looking for ways to use the Postal Service,” Peterson said.