On the horizon

Customer Connect

Customer Connect, a program that encourages letter carriers to identify new business opportunities for the Postal Service, has generated almost $2 billion in revenue.

“As letter carriers, we see firsthand how businesses mail and ship,” said Sandusky, OH, Letter Carrier Marcia Kinsley. “Many businesses are just plain unaware that we offer a better quality, more economical service.”

The Sandusky Post Office is one of several where employees were recently treated to breakfast for contributing to the success of Customer Connect, which is a partnership with the National Association of Letter Carriers.

To participate, carriers are asked to submit at least two leads per month. Additional tips:

  • If you notice customers using a competitor to ship domestic or international parcels, ask if they would like the Postal Service to contact them about saving money on their shipping needs.
  • If the customer says yes, fill out a Customer Connect lead card.
  • Bring the card back to the Post Office so your supervisor can enter it in the system.

Says Sales VP Cliff Rucker: “With every letter carrier’s participation, reaching that $2 billion milestone is just months away.”