Fraud busters

Boston Division Assistant Inspector in Charge Raymond Moss, right, and Buffalo, NY, Postmaster Thomas Szklarz, middle, honor Letter Carriers Debbie Fay and Mike Gordon.

Two Buffalo, NY, letter carriers were honored this month for helping the Postal Inspection Service foil scammers who were using the mail to commit federal income tax fraud.

It began when Letter Carriers Mike Gordon and Debbie Fay became suspicious after delivering mailpieces addressed to different names at the same address.

After Gordon and Fay alerted the Postal Inspection Service, Boston Division Inspector Clint Homer looked into the situation. His investigation led to the arrest and conviction of five suspects for income tax fraud, misuse of Social Security numbers, access-device fraud and aggravated identity theft.

Boston Division Assistant Inspector in Charge Raymond Moss thanked Gordon and Fay for their diligence during a ceremony at the station where they work.