The art is in the mail

An illustrated note from painter Moses Soyer is included in the newly published book 'More Than Words.'

Great artists don’t confine their brilliance to a canvas — their skills also fill their letters, a new book shows.

“More Than Words,” published this month, presents a colorful collection of more than 90 illustrated cards, letters and notes from influential artists.

“Illustrated letters are inspired communications,” author Liza Kirwin writes. She hopes the book will “serve as a reminder that a material treasure is all but disappearing from our culture.”

All the correspondence was culled from Smithsonian Institution archives.

Included: a love letter from Frida Kahlo decorated with lipstick kisses and a handwritten letter from Andy Warhol filled with doodles and deadpan humor.

Each letter is as unique and vibrant as the artist’s well-known works, the Huffington Post reported this month.