Write on, sir

It’s time to bring back letter writing, Kirk Douglas says. Photo: Huffington Post

Kirk Douglas has a challenge for the nation: Start writing and mailing letters again.

“There is a special sensory enjoyment involved in writing a letter, stamping the envelope and sending it on its way,” Douglas writes in an open letter published last week by the Huffington Post.

He calls on readers to “write a letter today … and put it in a mailbox.”

The actor, 98, recalls how answering fan mail after his stroke became part of his therapy. He also describes the many letters and poems he’s written his wife during their 60-year marriage and announces plans to publish his correspondence in a book.

“Despite the convenience of the new technologies, this ancient form of communication remains impactful and should be used more often,” Douglas writes.

Last week, the Postal Service kicked off National Card and Letter Writing Month by dedicating From Me to You, a stamp that promotes handwritten correspondence.