Heroes’ corner

Bedford Park, IL, Automotive Technician James Iazzetto

Bedford Park, IL, Automotive Technician James Iazzetto and his wife Kathy were home on a recent Saturday night when they smelled smoke and stepped outside to investigate.

A neighbor’s house was on fire and two small children were inside. The mother was screaming, “My babies, my babies!”

James Iazzetto ran into the burning home and found the children, who are about 1 and 3 years old, a local news site reported. He brought the children outside and tried to re-enter the house to look for more people but was driven back by heavy smoke.

Other family members exited the home safely and no injuries were reported, police said. Iazzetto was taken to a hospital and checked for smoke inhalation. He’s doing fine now.

Kathy Iazetto said her husband doesn’t consider himself a hero. “He just did what he had to do. He’s very courageous,” she said.