Christmas every Sunday

Sunday delivery

The Postal Service continues to test Sunday package deliveries in select markets, part of the organization’s ongoing effort to grow its shipping business.

More than 1.5 million Sunday packages have been delivered since the fiscal year began last fall. Deliveries are made from about 1,500 Post Offices, where many letter carriers say customers are surprised to see them on Sundays.

“Once they look at what’s in my hand and see the vehicle, they’re happy because it’s unexpected. It’s like Christmas Day every Sunday,” said Daniel Nelson, a city carrier assistant in Henderson, NV, where Sunday deliveries began last year.

The deliveries come from Amazon, which brings packages to local offices and hubs on Sunday mornings, streamlining distribution and transportation.

The packages are delivered using dynamic routing, a technique that puts delivery points in the most efficient, logical order.

In Henderson and Las Vegas, about 8,000 packages are delivered each Sunday, up from 5,000-6,000 pieces one year ago.

“This adds value and convenience for our customers,” said Nevada-Sierra District Delivery and Customer Service Programs Manager Terry Mullins. “The needs of our customers are changing … and so should we.”