Toy story

Sales employees Heather Maday, Doug Engle and Angelette Hush

A major toy retailer recently agreed to ship its products through USPS, generating $18.4 million in new postal revenue.

Several other shippers competed against the Postal Service for the account.

While pitching the retailer’s executives, a USPS sales team explained how competitors use dimensional (DIM) weight pricing that could drive up the company’s shipping costs.

Strategic Accounts Manager Angelette Hush, Sr. Sales Executive Heather Maday and Major Accounts Shipping Manager Doug Engle comprised the team.

“Building a team of varied specialties reinforced our position without question,” Maday said.

“The sales contract and analytic team uncovered gaps in the customer’s true understanding of USPS value. My manager’s ability to relay in-depth industry practices — coupled with our team’s presentation of USPS strengths — turned customer misconception into USPS reality.”