Watch Us Deliver

Middlesex, NJ, Letter Carrier Victor Gomez is featured in the Postal Service’s new TV commercial.

The Postal Service has launched a marketing campaign that highlights recent improvements to Priority Mail.

The centerpiece of the Watch Us Deliver campaign is an online dashboard with live counters, including one that shows the number of Sunday package deliveries to date.

The dashboard also displays USPS facts, such as the number of mailpieces processed each work day (512.8 million), as well as a live camera feed of two American bald eagles.

A new TV commercial featuring Postal Service employees is also part of the campaign, which begins May 19.

“This campaign is designed to build on the strong momentum in our package delivery business and to highlight the many ways the Postal Service is changing and improving to better serve the American public,” said Brand Marketing Executive Director Betty Su.

USPS package volumes have surged about 30 percent during the past five years.

The Postal Service recently improved tracking capabilities to further boost the business. Customers can now use the My application to receive text messages and email alerts with estimated delivery times.

The Postal Service has also introduced seven-day package deliveries, among other initiatives.