Have cards, will travel

Travel cardholders will receive reminders to activate their new cards.

Postal Service travel cardholders will soon receive a reminder from Citibank to activate their new cards.

Citibank is converting all magnetic-stripe plastic cards to new versions that are embedded with secure computer chips. A personal identification number (PIN) is also required.

All cardholders will receive a notification to activate their new cards 60 days before the magnetic-stripe cards are deactivated. Users will receive a second reminder 30 days later, followed by a final reminder two weeks prior to deactivation.

To activate the new chip-and-PIN cards, follow the instructions on the sticker on the front of the card. During activation, you’ll be prompted to set a four-digit PIN.

Once you activate your new card, your old card will be automatically deactivated.

For more information, read Citibank’s frequently asked questions.