With honors

Retired Army Command Sgt. Maj. Bennie Adkins points to his picture

The Postal Service dedicated the Medal of Honor: Vietnam stamps May 25 in Washington, DC.

“We honor the servicemen who … reached this highest level of loyalty and valor,” said Chief Operating Officer David Williams, who led the Memorial Day ceremony.

The medal, the nation’s most prestigious military decoration, has been awarded to 258 Vietnam War veterans. More than 60 percent were honored posthumously.

The stamps depict the three versions of the medal, one each for the Army, Navy and Air Force. (The Navy medal is also awarded to those who serve in the Marine Corps, and during wartime, to Coast Guard members.)

The stamp sheet features photos of 48 living Vietnam War era medal recipients, including several who attended the ceremony.

“When you talk with any recipient, he’ll tell you that he wears the medal for those who can’t,” said retired Army Col. Jack Jacobs, a medal recipient. “In every combat action, there’s a great deal of valor. We hold the medal in trust for those who came before us and for succeeding warriors.”

The stamps are available online and at Post Offices nationwide.