Here come the brides

Bridal Veil, OR, Retail Associate Tara Stiller snaps a photo of Christine Dougherty and Tyler Kennedy mailing their wedding invitations.

Bridal mail is big business in Bridal Veil.

Wedding invitations comprise 95 percent of the volume at the tiny Oregon town’s Post Office, which “NBC Nightly News” spotlighted June 3.

The office handles about 190,000 pieces of wedding-related mail each year. Couples from as far away as South Korea and Australia send invitations to the office, where Retail Associate Tara Stiller hand-stamps each envelope with a Bridal Veil postmark.

“They want the fairy tale, and I want to be part of that fairy tale in a positive way,” Stiller says in the report. (Some employees may be unable to view external videos on postal computers.)

Bridal Veil offers two postmarks: one with interlocking hearts and another with interlocking doves. Bride-to-be Christine Dougherty tells NBC she chose the hearts to make her invitations “that much more meaningful.”

The report notes special postmarks are also available at other Post Offices, including those in Romance, AR; Bliss, NY; and Loveland, CO. USPS also offers stamps for wedding invitations.

June is always the Bridal Veil office’s busiest time of year, Stiller says.

“There’s no shortage of brides, trust me,” she says.