Setting the standard

Retail Associate Sue Kowl works at the Bethesda, MD, Post Office, which has received gold standard certification through the 5-S initiative.

More than 3,000 Post Offices were recently recognized for being clean, organized and well-stocked.

The offices are part of the USPS Premier Office program, which is comprised of retail locations that generate 46 percent of all Post Office and self-service kiosk revenue.

Each office received gold standard certification through the program’s 5-S initiative, which emphasizes retail standardization.

The USPS Premier Office program is part of a DRIVE initiative to make postal products and services more accessible to customers.

To achieve 5-S gold certification, participating offices must complete a checklist to ensure workplaces are structured and neat.

Special attention is paid to organizing window and workstation areas. Additionally, each location must meet strict guidelines regarding the frequency and duration of office cleanings.

Managers are encouraged to continuously review the checklist to ensure they are maintaining the standards.