WebEx changes

Postal Service employees have more options to connect through WebEx.

The Postal Service recently made several improvements to WebEx, its online conferencing system.

For example, users who click on a link to join a meeting now see a countdown that shows when the meeting will start. Users also can enlarge the share screen and click the Ask to Control icon to share files on their desktop.

Other improvements include new icons, fonts and colors; consolidated controls in Quick Start; and better audio options.

Also, WebEx now offers high-definition video conferencing capabilities through Cisco’s TelePresence service.

To use TelePresence, WebEx users invite attendees to join a teleconference through Microsoft Outlook. The participant then adds one or more TelePresence “rooms” to their meeting to enable video conferencing.

USPS will make additional WebEx upgrades in June.

For more information on video conferencing, search for How to Schedule WebEx with TelePresence in Microsoft Outlook” on the ServiceNow site or call the InterCall support desk at 800-508-8758.

The BlueShare site has additional information on using WebEx.