All the right moves

Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec’s latest “Point of View” video was released this week.

Employees who handle change-of-address forms should strive to make sure the information is correct, Consumer and Industry Affairs VP Jim Nemec says in his latest Point of View video.

Although more customers are completing these requests online, almost two-thirds still fill out paper forms. “This is where we see the majority of issues,” Nemec says.

If the information on the forms isn’t correct, customers won’t receive mail at their new address and forwarded mail won’t arrive on time, he says.

Employees should take time to review change-of-address forms before processing them, says Merrifield, VA, Computerized Forwarding System Supervisor Alvin Carter, who also appears in the video.

“Did they spell the name correctly or did they just put their initials? Those types of things are very important in order for us to do our job,” Carter says.

Another tip: Customers shouldn’t fill out change-of-address forms with red ink because scanners have trouble reading that color.

Nemec advises employees to avoid problems by encouraging customers to complete change-of-address requests at

“The process is secure, fast and the customer receives an immediate email confirmation,” he says.