Cyber safety resources

The new CyberSafe at USPS site on Blue has online security information and tips

Recent reports of data breaches and cyber intrusions — government, corporate and personal — serve as reminders that protecting corporate and personal information is a shared responsibility.

 “We’ve strengthened our security protocols across the network and will continue to make improvements,” said Acting Chief Information Security Officer and Digital Solutions VP Greg Crabb. “However, we also rely on employees to assist us. When you’re online, it’s important to stop and think before you click on links in emails, open attachments or give out personal information.”

The new CyberSafe at USPS site on Blue is a central resource to help you be more secure online and protect your information — both at home and work

“By staying aware online and reporting suspicious activity, you play a critical role in helping to protect yourself and the Postal Service,” said Crabb.

To report suspicious emails or online activities, send an email to: