Say cheese

Staten Island Customer Service Supervisor JoAnn Pattelli will be cheering on her son, a contestant on this summer’s “Food Network Star” competition.

While Staten Island Customer Service Supervisor JoAnn Pattelli serves New Yorkers through the Postal Service, her son serves them with macaroni and cheese.

Dominick Tesoriero, the owner of the “Mac Truck,” is a competitor this summer on the long-running chef competition “Food Network Star.”

Patelli and her husband — recently retired postal manager Dominick Tesoriero Sr. — will be cheering on their son as he tries to win his own Food Network show.

The competition is a major opportunity for Tesoriero, whose mac and cheese truck serves different New York locations and even some postal employees.

“Our children have many memories of growing up in a postal family, participating in local parades and fund raisers as young children representing USPS,” Pattelli said.

Tesoriero said he has a “business as usual” philosophy on the competition. “This is a huge opportunity for me,” he said. “Win or lose, it doesn’t matter. I’m just happy to be here.”