Truckin’ along

From left, Framingham, MA, Letter Carrier Lisa Wilkins, Officer in Charge Michael Shea and Letter Carrier Dennis Ross at the town’s recent Truck Day event.

Many superheroes have cool rides — and the heroic men and women of the Postal Service are no exception.

That’s why the Framingham, MA, Post Office participated in the town’s recent Truck Day, which allows residents to learn about the vehicles used by local agencies.

Since this year’s event featured a superhero theme, Framingham Officer in Charge Michael Shea figured it was an ideal setting to showcase the Postal Service’s two-ton vehicles.

“I thought it was fitting considering the work postal employees do within their communities day in and day out,” said Shea.

He also used the opportunity to highlight the Postal Service’s sustainability initiatives, delivering the message that “Blue is the New Green.”