Going global

Sales retailer

It pays to regularly check in with clients, as Charlotte, NC, Sr. Sales Executive Debbie Reynolds discovered recently.

Not long after Reynolds helped an online company begin using the Postal Service to fulfill its shipping needs, she contacted the executives to see how the business was doing.

Reynolds learned the retailer had tried to expand overseas, only to discover the international rates charged by commercial shipping companies were too high.

That’s when Reynolds teamed with Operations Integration Specialist Jackie Purcell and showed the executives the benefits of Priority Mail Express International.

The company used the service on a trial basis — and saved 40 percent when compared to other shippers.

Since then, the retailer has shifted all of its international shipping to USPS, generating more than $885,000 in new postal revenue.

“The customer thought the competition was the only option for them,” Reynolds said. “We proved to them otherwise. There’s nothing greater than offering a better choice and seeing the satisfaction on their face when it all comes together.”