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Des Peres, MO, Customer Services Supervisor Christy Zomphier helps customer Robert Hughes use a self-service kiosk.

The Postal Service is continuing to use lobby assistants to better serve retail customers who require simple transactions.

The program is part of the organization’s broader effort to strengthen customer service.

Since lobby assistants were introduced a few years ago, they’ve helped reduce wait times and boosted scores on Retail Customer Experience surveys, which measure the quality of USPS services.

At the Des Peres, MO, Post Office, lobby assistants aim to serve customers before they reach the counter. The assistants carry mobile Point of Sale devices, which they use to help customers ship packages and buy stamps.

“Customers like the personalized attention,” said Customer Services Supervisor Christy Zomphier.

Lobby assistants also help customers learn to use self-service kiosks, which often makes later visits to the Post Office more efficient.

Des Peres resident Robert Hughes recently received a quick tutorial from Zomphier.

“I’ve been walking past this machine for years but was afraid to use it,” Hughes said. “If I made a mistake I would need to start all over. Now I’ll be using this all the time.”