High gear

Troy, MI, Retail Distribution Associate Paul Williams uses PASS to scan and mark a parcel for “committed” delivery.

The Troy, MI, Post Office has made dramatic improvements in scanning, a crucial service that is helping USPS grow its package delivery business.

The office is averaging about 99.7 percent after adopting a process called “scan, clear and deliver.”

The new approach focuses on making sure parcels that arrive before 9 a.m. are delivered that day. To help employees, signs were posted to clearly identify parcels “committed” for delivery.

The workroom floor plan also was redesigned, and employees were trained to use the new process and terminology.

“Recognizing that everything has a place and everything should be in its place has helped us,” said Postmaster Val Vercek Williams.

The office also added a Passive Adaptive Scanning System (PASS) to its workroom floor. The machine allows employees to scan parcels from an overhead scanner, then mark and place them in the correct spot.

The new technology is a hit with employees.

“I like [it] because you can see the image of the parcel,” said Retail Distribution Associate Paul Williams. “When a customer asks about a parcel, we can look up the image and get more reliable information. The new process is better for our customers.”