Word to the wise

USPS site has tips

Do you have a favorite phrase or saying? If so, it could become the basis to a strong online password.

Postal Service ACE computers and many online sites require longer, more complex passwords that contain special characters and numbers. Consequently, they are becoming more challenging to remember.

To create a strong, memorable online password, follow these tips:

  • Think of a favorite phrase, such as “winners never quit,” “at the end of the day” or “word to the wise.”
  • Change some of the letters to numbers or special characters.
  • Using these guidelines, the phrase “word to the wise” becomes “w0rd_t0th3_w!s3”.

Once a password is created, never share it with anyone.

Visit the CyberSafe at USPS site on Blue for additional resources, including password guidance for Postal Service employees, instructions for resetting passwords and a poster that shows how to put the tips into action.