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Scotland, SD, Contract Driver Daryl Erickson

Scotland, SD, Contract Driver Daryl Erickson strives to stay alert, even when he’s off the clock.

Erickson was recently running errands when he noticed a truck’s tire was on fire. He flagged down the driver, who grabbed an extinguisher while Erickson retrieved a garden hose from a nearby home. Together, they extinguished the blaze, but not before the intensity of the flames caused the airbags and tire to rupture.

Erickson wasn’t hurt, but the driver suffered an eye injury and temporary hearing damage.

A few weeks earlier, Erickson called 911 after encountering a van that hit a tree and landed in a ditch. He persuaded the injured occupants to not move until emergency responders arrived with the equipment needed to help them.

“I’m just glad I was there to help,” Erickson said.