Welcome woman

New Hampshire carrier

Dublin, NH, Rural Carrier Margaret Schillemat is nothing short of a one-person welcoming committee.

When new residents are added to her route, she mails them a handwritten note to welcome them to Dublin and highlight local attractions.

Schillemat, the only carrier in the roughly 1,600-person town, believes the notes help bring the dispersed community together.

“I think it’s important for newcomers to know what’s available in their community, and that the Post Office is here to help them get situated,” she said.

Customers appreciate the personal attention. One person wrote that Schillemat “has been extremely helpful in person as well. This is the kind of service that makes all the difference these days.”

Postmaster Kathleen Moore views Schillemat’s welcome notes as a town tradition. “She’s been doing this for as long as I can remember,” Moore said.

The community’s Dublin Pond and Mount Monadnock have long attracted hikers, campers and fishermen, as well as notable visitors such as Mark Twain, who spent summers there.