Extra mile

Candle company

Knox City, TX, Postmaster Kim Stafford pays attention to her customers, so it didn’t take her long to realize two of them — spouses who own a candle-making company — were using a USPS competitor to ship packages.

Stafford was determined to win the company’s business, so she explained to Lee Rowland, one of the owners, that USPS offers lower rates, especially for lightweight packages.

She also enlisted help from Scotland, TX, Postmaster Jennifer Julian, who serves as a local coordinator for the Business Connect sales program, and Fort Worth District Business Development Specialist Reggie Andrews. They told Rowland about a new flat rate zone option for packages and a better way to utilize Stamps.com, which provides postage and tracking for retailers.

The team approach worked: Rowland now ships packages through USPS.

“Going the extra mile is what employees at this organization do every day,” said Stafford.

The trio’s efforts reflect the Postal Service’s focus on improving customer service, one of the organization’s top priorities.

Said Rowland: “Kim, Reggie and Jennifer are no longer just USPS employees to my wife and I. We now count them as dear friends.”