Heroes’ corner

Sgt. Matthew Grubb of the Ross Township, PA, Police Department and Ingomar, PA, City Carrier Assistant Sean Matulevic

They call him the Mailman of Steel.

Ingomar, PA, City Carrier Assistant Sean Matulevic is 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 270 pounds. Co-workers say he’s a gentle giant — until a customer needs help, that is.

Matulevic was delivering mail recently when he spotted smoke coming from an apartment. He called 911 and began pounding on the door when he heard someone inside crying for help.

The steel-framed door was locked, so Matulevic knocked it loose and entered the apartment. He found a 14-year-old boy hiding in a closet to shield himself from a fast-spreading kitchen fire.

Matulevic took the boy outside and returned to the apartment to extinguish the fire, which began when the child was cooking eggs.

“We all wanted to see the size of the mailman who knocked in a steel-framed door and deadbolt. That was impressive,” said Sgt. Matthew Grubb, one of the police officers who responded to the incident.

After ensuring the boy was OK, Matulevic provided authorities with the information they requested and finished his route.

Matulevic dismissed the suggestion he’s a hero.

“All I want is another hug from that young boy and a thank you from his parents,” he said.