After the storm

A fire and rescue crew survey damage in Columbia, SC, this week. Photo: The State newspaper

The Postal Service is working to keep the mail moving in South Carolina, which has been ravaged by flooding this week.

Residents face evacuations, road closures, power outages and water advisories due to flooding, which resulted from an 11-day stretch of unprecedented rainfall. At least 19 people have died, and President Obama has declared several counties federal disaster areas.

“In the days to come, we will deliver the messages, medications and checks that will help South Carolinians get back on their feet,” said Greater South Carolina District Manager Darryl Martin.

The district prepared for the crisis by following the Postal Service’s emergency management guidelines. The district focused on the “three P’s” — people, products and property — during the preparedness phase.

The district also has focused on staying in touch with employees to identify those affected by the storm and to determine where service could safely be re-established.

Employees were encouraged to use the national emergency hotline number— 888-EMERGENC — to stay in touch.

Martin and Sr. Plant Manager Frank Veal sent a letter to all facilities to thank employees for their dedication and to advise them of resources available from the Employee Assistance Program and Postal Employees Relief Fund.