Electoral college

Mississippi State University Student Association Secretary Logan Reeves mails an absentee ballot last week.

Mississippi State University (MSU) students received a lesson last week about the role of mail in the democratic process.

The students held an “absentee election day” to help their peers vote in the upcoming election.

Logan Reeves, secretary of MSU’s student association, got the idea for the event when he wasn’t able to travel home last year to vote in a hotly contested Senate race.

“That really moved an absentee voting initiative to the forefront of my priorities as an elected student official,” Reeves said.

MSU Postmaster Ken Oglesbee and his employees helped organize the event and collected the ballots.

Said Reeves: “Having the actual collection box there was a nice, official touch and we appreciate the Postal Service helping us make our students’ voices heard in government.”