Bound by honor

Oak Hill, OH, Post Office Officer in Charge Jill Walters presents stamps to Ann Leavenworth, niece of Honor recipient Sgt. Donald Long.

Postal Service employees and retirees came together this week to mark Veterans Day.

More than 7,000 people attended a celebration in Costa Mesa, CA, where a special dedication was held for this year’s Medal of Honor: Vietnam stamps.

USPS facilities also hosted special dedications. At the Oak Hill, OH, Post Office, Officer in Charge Jill Walters presented the family of medal recipient Donald Long with framed stamps.

Other events honored postal employees who served in the military.

“Each of us works beside someone who has answered our nation’s call. It is our privilege to acknowledge and honor their service,” Long Island District Manager Frank Calabrese said at a ceremony at the Mid-Island P&DC in Melville, NY.

The contributions of Postal Service retirees also were honored.

In Columbia, SC, residents dedicated a monument to military dogs. Johnny Mayo, a retired USPS general clerk and Vietnam War veteran, led fundraising for the project.

In addition to local events, the Postal Service is honoring veterans this year with a special badge and lanyard they can wear year-round.

Approximately 113,000 USPS employees have served in the armed forces, making the Postal Service one of the nation’s largest employers of veterans.