Feet forward

Randy Goldberg, co-founder of Bombas

The Postal Service is helping an online clothing startup use its products to make homeless people more comfortable.

Bombas, which produces durable athletic socks, donates one pair to homeless shelters for each pair it sells.

“People who are living on the streets … don’t have an opportunity to change their socks as often,” co-founder Randy Goldberg says in a new video on the Postal Service’s YouTube channel. “If you’re walking everywhere, the idea of a new pair of socks really begins to feel like a luxury.”

Bombas uses Parcel Select, Priority Mail and other USPS services to ship its products.

“It allows us to get things efficiently to our customers,” Goldberg says.

The Postal Service also has provided Bombas with detailed data about its customers’ shipping preferences, which has proven crucial to the company’s growth, according to co-founder David Heath.

“Without the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the United States Postal Service, we simply would not be able to be where we are today,” Heath says.