Promoting #PostalProud

#PostalProud video

The new #PostalProud initiative is discussed in a video that features Chief Operating Officer David Williams and Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane.

#PostalProud, which launched this week, aims to underscore the role of mail in strengthening bonds between families, friends and businesses.

The initiative emphasizes core organizational principles, such as accurate scanning. Although the initial efforts are geared toward delivery employees, #PostalProud will continue to expand throughout USPS.

In the video, Williams and Cochrane offer tips on how employees can incorporate #PostalProud into their daily work during the holidays and beyond.

For example, Cochrane reminds employees that cameras are posted near many customers’ homes and businesses.

“If you’re going to get caught on camera, let’s make sure it’s for an excellent customer experience,” he says.

Other tips include double-checking addresses when delivering packages and treating customers with courtesy.

“You are the face of the Postal Service, and a simple smile shows your pride and willingness to go the extra mile,” Williams says.

The video’s themes will be reinforced through workplace posters, stand-up talks and messages delivered to Mobile Delivery Devices throughout the peak season.

More information on #PostalProud will be shared in the coming weeks.