Feeling #PostalProud

PMG Megan Brennan, fifth from left on the front row, and Livonia, MI, Post Office employees display a #PostalProud banner.


Employees expressed their enthusiasm for the new #PostalProud initiative following PMG Megan Brennan’s visit to the Detroit area this week.

The PMG thanked employees at the Livonia, MI, Post Office for their support of the Customer Connect program, which recently marked a milestone by generating more than $2 billion in annualized revenue.

Brennan also discussed #PostalProud, a national effort to promote employee pride and emphasize core USPS principles, such as accurate scanning and delivering with care.

“I’m proud of what I do,” said Livonia Letter Carrier Freddie McKinney. “To instill postal pride in all employees, I try to lead by example share the hard work ethic that got me to this point.”

#PostalProud includes workplace posters, stand-up talks, videos and other communications. Although the initial efforts are geared toward delivery employees, the initiative will continue to expand throughout USPS.

Livonia Letter Carrier Terry Gregory, a 17-year employee, said #PostalProud gives him hope for the future.

“I hope the newer employees can get properly trained by those of us that have been here and have that same pride in their job,” Gregory said.