Heroes’ corner

Ann Arbor, MI, Letter Carrier Lynn Knieper

Ann Arbor, MI, Letter Carrier Lynn Knieper was on his route earlier this year when he noticed two days’ worth of uncollected mail inside a customer’s box.

Intuition told Knieper something wasn’t right. The customer travels frequently but usually places his mail on hold.

Knieper knocked on the front and back doors but received no response. He decided to try again, returning to the front door and calling the customer’s name.

This time, Knieper heard a faint cry for help.

Knieper called 911. Emergency responders arrived and took the customer to a hospital, where he spent two days in intensive care and eventually recovered.

“I’m just glad I had the presence of mind to stick with it,” Knieper told the MLive news site. “I would feel really bad if I had done nothing and it turned out that because I had done nothing there was a bad ending.”