Shipping news

Consumer Advocate John Budzysnki is interviewed by WPIX-TV reporter Lisa Mateo in New York City Dec. 21.

The Postal Service isn’t just delivering mail and packages during the holidays — it’s also advising consumers on the best way to ship their gifts.

Consumer Advocate John Budzynski has appeared on several TV and radio news shows during peak season, offering packaging tips, reminders about shipping deadlines and other useful information.

Budzynski also has touted the My package-tracking app and the new How To: Shipping Tips videos.

On “Good Morning Washington,” a local newscast in the Washington, DC, area, Budzynski used the Postal Service’s mobile app to snap a photo of anchor Autria Godfrey surrounded by the “Peanuts” gang.

The USPS AR app can be downloaded through Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Budzynski also promoted the Postal Service’s holiday stamps, which include new stamps inspired by “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and favorites from recent years.

“We’ve got millions of them ready for your purchase,” Budzynski said.