Heroes’ corner

CCA Christopher Ewing

Omaha, NE, City Carrier Assistant Christopher Ewing was delivering mail recently when he heard a customer yelling for help from inside her home.

Ewing entered and found the 92-year-old woman on the floor. He picked her up after she asked him to do so and placed her in a chair.

Ewing then collected the woman’s medications and papers, which had fallen to the floor, and waited with her until she received a response from the medical alert service she contacted.

The customer wasn’t in pain and declined to go to a hospital. Ewing gave the woman a phone book so she could call a granddaughter who helps care for her.

“This is the kind of employee that the USPS needs, and I am proud to say he is one of ours,” said Customer Services Supervisor Maureen Gadbois. “He definitely upheld the postal image today.”