Unbeaten paths

A TV news report shows Syracuse, NY, Letter Carrier Matthew Bregande braving snowy weather.

The Postal Service is reminding customers to clear ice and snow from walkways during winter weather.

The importance of winter safety is underscored in a recent TV news report that shows Syracuse, NY, Letter Carrier Matthew Bregande cautiously making his way along a seven-mile, snow-covered route.

The segment shows Bregande assessing a home’s snow-covered steps and deciding against a delivery attempt.

“That’s definitely unsafe to go up,” he says. “You don’t want to take any extra risks.”

Reporter Farah Jadran cautions customers that if there’s ice or snow accumulation on their walkways, their mail will stay at the Post Office until it can be safely delivered.

“Try putting yourself in your letter carrier’s shoes,” Jadran says.

USPS encourages employees to watch the “Safety Depends on Me” videos on Blue to learn more about winter safety precautions.