Personal touch

Ruth Dawson of Longview, TX, writes a letter to a military service member recently.

Putting pen to paper is nothing new for residents of one retirement community in Longview, TX.

Thirty-six residents have formed a group to revive the art of letter writing, meeting monthly to prepare messages of support to military service members.

Handwritten letters provide a personal touch, residents say.

“It’s more personal than a tweet. A tweet is not something you can carry in your pocket,” resident Charlie Andrews told the Longview News-Journal recently.

For security reasons, the residents aren’t provided the names of the service members they write to, but that doesn’t stop them from forming connections with the recipients.

“You can feel what you write,” said group member Ellen Brinson.

Despite the popularity of texting and emailing, the residents encourage everyone to write letters.

“It makes someone happy to get a letter,” said Jackie Bolin, another group member.