Mules of engagement

Mule mail delivery

Talk about last-mile service.

The Postal Service continues to use mules to deliver mail to Supai, AZ, a tiny town at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

The news site Only in Your State recently reported on the deliveries, noting that a contractor drives about 70 miles each day to the canyon rim, where he passes the mail to contractors who load the mules with mail for another eight-mile trek.

Each mule carries approximately 150 pounds of letters, packages, food and other needed items before returning up the canyon with outgoing mail.

“This is dedication,” the site reported.

The most recent census research shows Supai has a population of about 200 people, mostly members of the Havasupai tribe. The USPS deliveries allow the indigenous culture “to thrive in the 21st century,” Only In Your State reported.