Pen to paper

Wysox Postmaster Penny Horton hands a letter to Letter Carrier Kathy Camp.

A Pennsylvania Post Office is on a mission to promote traditional letter writing.

Wysox Postmaster Penny Horton has noticed some customers don’t know how to write a letters, so she and Retail Associate Penny Brown are taking it upon themselves to change things.

“People still need to be able to compose a letter,” Horton told The Daily Review newspaper recently. “Even in an email, when you send a thank you to a company for a job interview, you need to know.”

Together, Horton and Brown have set up a display to encourage customers to write and send at least one letter per month.

They’re even suggesting monthly themes: love letters (February), reconnecting with friends (March), brightening someone’s day (April), Mother’s Day (May), Father’s Day (June), write to a dignitary (July), thank a teacher (August), thank a first responder (September), letters of encouragement (October), thank a veteran (November) and help someone in the community (December).

Letter Carrier Kathy Camp said the mail is needed now more than ever.

“The writing and receiving of letters … offers an experience that modern technology cannot touch,” she said.

Added Brown: “If we take that away, what will we have?”