‘Make your voice count’

Bedford Park, IL retail associates Surinder Sidhu and Rosalind Traylor complete their Postal Pulse surveys at work.

USPS employees across the nation are taking the Postal Pulse survey, saying they appreciate the opportunity to have a voice in the organization’s future.

The survey, which began Feb. 16, allows employees to share observations about their workplace environments. This feedback helps postal leaders make changes and improvements.

“The survey allows me the opportunity to hopefully enhance the Postal Service for a more happy and productive environment for everyone,” said Devin Jewell, an Ithaca, NY, letter carrier who completed his survey last week.

Bedford Park, IL, retail associates Surinder Sidhu and Rosalind Traylor received their surveys at home and completed them at work.

“This is a positive avenue toward making your voice heard. When you take the Postal Pulse survey, you make your voice count,” Traylor said.

Other employees see the survey as way to help USPS become more competitive.

“The customer has a choice, so we must be the better choice. Because of the customer, we exist,” said Sharon Turner, lead retail associate facilitator for Central Illinois District.

The survey has 13 questions and takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. All employees are encouraged to participate before the March 11 deadline.

The Postal Pulse Blue page has more information.