Notes to self

Letters written more than two decades ago by seventh graders in Mokane, MO, are finally being read by the now-grownups who wrote them.

In 1993, English teacher Kit Glover asked her students to write letters to their future selves. The letters were recently discovered — and now the notes are being delivered.

“I was tickled to hear that they were making the effort to return the letters,” Glover told the Fulton Sun newspaper. “[The students] were sponges and my favorite grade to teach.”

In one letter, a student dreams of becoming an artist. In another note, a student complains about being scolded for neglecting chores.

Principal Gary Bonsall calls the letters “mini time capsules” and hopes students from the 1993 class will share the news with classmates.

The school is using Facebook to help find the former students. So far, 18 of 47 students have received their letters.