Smart business

Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane addresses the National Postal Forum this week.

USPS is using technology to better serve business customers, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Jim Cochrane told industry leaders at the National Postal Forum this week.

“The future is all about the customer. We have to listen and quickly adapt to their needs,” he said.

One example is Informed Delivery, a service that provides consumers with a digital preview of their incoming mail. In the future, USPS wants to invite businesses to create “digital add-ons” for these alerts, boosting their value to consumers.

“As an industry, we need to work together,” Cochrane said.

USPS also wants to share more data with business customers to help them drive sales.

For example, the Postal Service can tell a retailer when its mailing will arrive in a consumer’s mailbox. The retailer could then send the consumer a text message with a time-sensitive offer.

Other improvements include PostalPro Beta, a new online service that will replace RIBBS, the longtime USPS site for business mailers.

Ultimately, focusing on customers’ needs will help strengthen the Postal Service, Cochrane said.

“If you want to generate revenue, you have to take care of your customers.”