Displays of courage

Daniel Toney, left, his wife Jessica and Derrick Coleman unveil one of the heroes’ displays at headquarters last week.

The Postal Service is continuing to honor employees who perform heroic acts.

For years, these employees have received letters of commendation from the Postmaster General. In 2015, PMG Megan J. Brennan sent letters to more than 300 heroes.

Honorees are also spotlighted in Link’s daily Heroes’ corner column.

Last week, USPS introduced two displays at its Washington, DC, headquarters to further showcase these employees.

The displays feature photos of recent honorees and brief descriptions of their heroic acts.

“Every day, Postal Service employees go the extra mile to ensure the well-being of their co-workers and customers,” said Chief Human Resources Officer Jeff Williamson. “These displays are one more way for us to express our appreciation and admiration.”

The displays were unveiled with help from Charleston, WV, Sales Representative Daniel Toney, a recent honoree, and Headquarters Maintenance Operations Manager Derrick Coleman, whose life was saved by two co-workers.

Williamson hopes the displays will inspire everyone who sees them, including employees who visit headquarters from across the nation.

The displays also will reinforce the Postal Service’s emphasis on safety.

“Safety is a core value and a top priority for all of us,” Williamson said. “Each of us must lead by example and apply a safety-first mindset to everything we do.”