Hail and farewell

University Park, PA, Retail Associate Mike Herr, a.k.a. “Mike the Mailman,” retired this month after a 48-year postal career.

Talk about a fond farewell.

Mike Herr, a USPS retail associate on Penn State University’s campus, received glowing tributes in the press before his retirement last week.

“He always put a smile on my face,” senior Lauren Smith told the Centre Daily Times, one of several publications that covered Herr’s retirement. “Even when you’re having a really good day, he leaves you feeling happier than when you came in.”

Freshman Maddie Turner told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette that Herr “makes you feel like he’s known you forever.”

Herr — a.k.a. “Mike the Mailman” — operated a one-person substation on the university’s campus. He retired 48 years to the day he became a postal employee.

Herr is no stranger to the spotlight: He was once profiled by the “CBS Evening News” and served as honorary grand marshal of the university’s homecoming parade.

After Herr announced his retirement, U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson honored him on the floor of the House of Representatives, while customers flocked to his counter to say goodbye.

“Interacting with all the students, faculty and staff [was the best part of my job],” Herr told Penn State News. “I had a ball and hope they always had good experiences with me.”