‘Neither Snow nor Rain’

Grove Atlantic has published “Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service.”

“Neither Snow nor Rain: A History of the United States Postal Service,” a new book by business journalist Devin Leonard, will go on sale May 3.

The 288-page book tells the centuries-long story of USPS from its beginnings under Benjamin Franklin, the first Postmaster General, through the era of digital communications.

Leonard highlights how the Postal Service has been involved in the country’s most important issues, as well the organization’s efforts to meet the challenges of mail delivery.

“Neither Snow nor Rain” also includes facts that might surprise today’s readers.

For example, Postmasters were once political appointees who worked out of their homes, while postage stamps weren’t used until 60 years after the postal system was created.

“Neither Snow nor Rain” is being lauded by other writers, including Fergus M. Bordewich, author of “The First Congress.”

“[Leonard] has taken the Post Office … and delivered a vivid and surprising story filled with indelibly drawn personalities,” Bordewich writes in one review. “With crisp prose and unflagging narrative drive, Leonard reveals the forgotten history of the institution, and makes abundantly clear, the story of the Post Office is also the story of America.”