Everything’s OK

Spiro, OK, City Carrier Assistant Betty Carroll appears in a KFSM-TV news report.

An Oklahoma employee stepped into the national spotlight this week after coming to the aid of an injured customer.

Spiro, OK, City Carrier Assistant Betty Carroll was delivering mail May 2 when she noticed uncollected newspapers in customer Dorothy Lockaby’s box.

“I knew that was strange for her because she [retrieves the newspapers] every day,” Carroll told the local CBS station.

Carroll knocked on Lockaby’s front door. She heard the TV playing and what sounded like a faint cry for help, which prompted her to call 911.

Police found Lockaby lying on the floor, where she fell several days earlier. She was taken to a hospital and is now doing OK.

The news coverage of Carroll’s actions has gone viral on social media. One post on the CBS station’s Facebook page has received more than 1,000 likes and been shared 350 times.

“I think we have a very thoughtful mail carrier,” Lockaby’s neighbor, Joyce Harris, told the station. “I’m so glad.”